The Law Offices of Caree Harper has been defending people accused of criminal violations and victims/ survivors of excessive force since 2002.   From minor matters on Main Street America to high-profile situations garnering international attention, Caree Harper has successfully resolved the matter.

    In 2008, Caree was one of hundreds of California attorneys dispersed throughout the country to oversee the polls in the Presidential Election. She was directly responsible for the calculation of ballots of voters initially turned away for unconstitutional reasons in the State of Nevada. 

    In 2012, Caree Harper was an active volunteer and registered voters.

    In 2014, Caree settled a wrongful death case involving 19-year-old Kendrec McDade, who was killed by Pasadena police. Kendrec was shot in the back multiple times by Pasadena Police officers- he was handcuffed while dying and said to paramedics: "Why did they shoot me?" 

    In 2014, Ms. Harper represented Marlene Pinnock, who at the time was a houseless grandmother who was straddled and beaten by CHP officer Daniel Andrew.  She negotiated a $1.5 million dollar settlement and the termination of the officers' employment.
     In 2014,  Ms. Harper negotiated a $1.5 million settlement for CHP beating survivor Marlene Pinnock and had the terms of the officer’s termination embodied in the Settlement Agreement – setting precedent.  
      In 2016, Caree defended the #BlackLivesMatter protestors in L.A. who were criminally charged for blocking the freeway after Ferguson, pro bono
-There were no convictions.

      In 2016, Reginald Thomas, affectionately known as  “Daddy Daycare” was killed by Pasadena Police Department officers after suffering a medical emergency and calling the police for help. He was kicked, punched, beaten and tased, repeatedly.  One officer punched him so hard that he broke his had on Mr. Thomas' head.  Ms. Harper secured a $1.5 million dollar settlement after the participating officers took the 5th and refused to testify during discovery.