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KTLA Coverage LAPD Officer Richard Garcia criminally charged for kicking & beating Mr. Alford:

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On 10/29/14, Attorney Harper replaced the Public Defender's Office as the attorney of record to defend criminal charges against Mr. Alford.  Charges were filed after the LAPD beat him while being videotaped.  The D.A. immediately dropped the "resisting arrest" charge.  


Being far from "transparent", Chief Charlie Beck said that he had "no intention" of releasing the videotaped beating of Clinton Alford. 



After Attorney Harper mounted an aggressive affirmative defense, L.A. Prosecutors dropped the last manufactured criminal charge against Clinton Alford Jr. 

LA Times shot to the back of Attorney Harper
After intense coverage of the jailing of Attorney Harper for contempt for making attorney/ client objections in March 2015 on the Marlene Pinnock case, the Los Angeles Times refused to mention Attorney Caree Harper's name in the entire article about the remarkable arrest of LAPD Officer Richard Garcia for the beating of Clinton Alford.  The paper, obviously not considering possible witnesses that could reach out to the attorney, only showed the BACK of Caree Harper, which is unusual when depicting persons in a photograph.  An interesting twist is that Caree Harper was courteous enough to provide the L.A. Times their first picture of Clinton Alford in October 2014.